Table 1: The above is a table showing all the data we have collected ranging from our observations to the figures. The table is the baseline to the graph. The table shown above are the values received from the first time we did the experiment.

Figure 5.1: The above is the graph that follows the values in Table 1. After plotting this graph, we noticed two anomalies in the graph that are circled out on the graph shown above. In view of these two anomalous data, we repeated the experiment for the last two salt concentrations (namely, 6.00g of salt in 200 ml of water and 7.00g of salt in 200 ml of sat). The following table and graph contain the data of the repeated experiment.

Table 2: The above is the second data set we had when we re-did the experiments for set-ups E1, E2, E3, F1, F2, F3. The table above contains the table of values for the following graph.

Figure 6.1: Above shows the graph of the second data sets, the values follow the figures in Table 2 and these are also the final results of our experiment.

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