Monday, 7 March 2016

Scientific method

The scientific method is a method that we generally use when conducting an experiment. In this project, we will be adapting this method in order to carry out our experiment.

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Monday, 19 October 2015

Our roles in the group

Yi Zhen

  • Leader of the group
    • In-charge of getting the group together
    • Lead the group in the project
    • Resolve problems in the group
  • Report writer
    • Helps keep the logbook up-to-date 
      • Others can take over if necessary
    • In charge of updating the report
  • In-charge of updating the blog  
    • Makes sure the blog is up-to-date at ALL times
  • Researcher
  • Co-leader of the group
    • If the leader is not around/absent, she will take over the roles and help in the duties as well
  •  In-charge of crafting of the video
    • In-charge of the making of the video
      • To show project findings
  • Researcher
  • Creating the poster
    • Helps gather information for the poster
      • Puts together the poster (overall in-charge, others can help)
  • Scribe/Researcher
    • Keep notes during discussions
      • Helps to keep the logbook up-to-date
        • Does research on duckweed.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Our Members

Our group consists of:

Dion Lum Qiuyu       S204       (02)
Lim Yi Zhen              S204       (04)
Yong E-Shean            S204      (09)

Group photo (not selfie):